ask Mabel and Dipper

Feb 11

skyepanthervsgaming said: "It's a scam then?" I asked

Dipper: kind of, yes

Feb 10

thegravitystuck said: "Uh... Because she is standing over there." He pointed to Mabel who was holding Waddles.

Mabel: what…*derp*

Dipper: oh

Feb 10

thegravitystuck said: "Oh sounds exciting. Do you want to get Pizza? Invite your sister if she wants to go."

Dipper: how do u know that I have a sister?

Feb 10

yahoo201027 said: hello, felt like I never left


Feb 10

skyepanthervsgaming said: "So, what is this place anyways? I'm talking about the shack in the background." I asked Drago agreed

Dipper: oh that. It’s the Mystery Shack. I don’t know why people go there :T

Feb 10

thegravitystuck said: So uh. Anything supernatural over in this neck of the woods?

Dipper: lots of things happen in these woods. LOTS

Feb 08

skyepanthervsgaming said: "You can?! Thanks!" I said, smiling

Dipper: no problemĀ 

Feb 08

thegravitystuck said: *he snaps uses his magic to become a human* much better.

Dipper: yeah…

Feb 08

Kidnapped - A Gravity Falls Fan Film

Feb 08

thegravitystuck said: Okay. *he smiles and flicks the hat turning it into air* so you just live in this joint. I mean, its not to bad. *suddenly his form flickers and he becomes a pony* oops. This happens a lot.

Dipper: heh :P

Feb 08

ask-kirby-characters said: Kirby: hi guys!

Dipper: hey

Mabel: hai :D

Feb 07

skyepanthervsgaming said: "You don't need to repeat it...." I sighed as I sat down. "Great. I leave from Michigan to California for a Bakugan Tournament and I get dropped off here......." Drago: "He was really looking forward to the tournament."

Dipper: i could help you guys *smiles*

Feb 07

skyepanthervsgaming said: Gravity Falls? *Takes out my Bakugan and Drago speaks: "Where are we?"*

Dipper: *sighs* do I really have to say it again?

Feb 06

thegravitystuck said: Whats wrong? *he looks at the fez and back at Dipper* I have magical powers.

Dipper: the fez tho- heh, never mindĀ 

Feb 05

I’m sooooo sorry for answering the questions late….sorry….